The Souler Opposite
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You can purchase the soundtrack CD by Peter Himmelman
$15.00 plus 4.95 S&H

Fans will not want to miss this tour de force of intimacy that Peter Himmelman creates with a lyrical, comedic jazz score. This soundtrack CD features 21 tunes including "The Souler Theme."

Professionally recorded from digitally mastered studio tracks, it ncludes four-color liner notes, handsome jewel case, and even a stencil of the film's striking poster art on the disc itself.

01 The Souler Theme
02 Calypso Girl
03 Lulu
04 The "Get A New Life" Blues
05 "Who Are You"
06 Josak
07 Fake Five
08 "This Is My Night"
09 Nice Guys
10 Body And Soul
11 Argus Acoustic Suite
12 Night In The City
13 False Idols
14 Truth To Heartbreak
15 "We The People" (by Cindy Kalmenson)
16 Ohio Hell
17 Brave New World
18 DC Blues
19 Jeff Memorial Blues
20 Souler From Afar
21 The Colors Underground (by Cindy Kalmenson)