The Souler Opposite

Warner Home Video Release date: Nov. 7, 2006

Some user reviews (real people not critics)

I just saw your film and was really impressed. You did a GREAT job. Perfect casting and very engaging. One of the truest expressions of standup I've ever seen. And so FUCKING heartbreaking. And I loved the love story and the thruline of the that.

I love this line because it's SO TRUE !
"A sense of humor is important."
"No, a sense of my humor is important."

Women always talk about men who say they want a woman with a sense of humor when what they really mean is they want a woman who will laugh at their jokes, not actually be funny herself! Every guy I dated said that to me, then spent the entire relationship trying to out do me. I dated two comics and they were the only ones who really, really want a funny woman.

Loved the scene with Tim and Chris in the bar. Loved the scene here Chris finds Tim with the gas mask on his face. Loved the whole lesbian took my wife from me concept.

Congratulations. Well done.
Suzy (fellow comedian)


Bill, I really enjoyed your movie. It is an articulate, witty and FUNNY romantic comedy. You find yourself ROOTING for the characters to get together. Only a skilled craftsman at writing and directing can make an audience hope for an outcome. You coaxed two great performances out of your stars. All in all, it is something you should be very proud of. And, I am proud to know such a multitalented person (writer-director-actor-comedian and fine musician) as yourself.


Rating: - you'll appreciate a mature look at romance

I bought this, interested in seeing some of actor Christopher Meloni's indie work. He fit the character, Barry, quite well. The story line is a romance between 2 adults whom you might not normally envision together. They have their faults, and they make the romance work nonetheless. Not being a big romance movie fan, I think I appreciated this story, as it was more realistic than sappy. Not everything goes perfect, and the characters aren't perfect, but neither is life.


Rating: - this movie was pitifuly overlooked...

I bought this DVD after reading excellent reviews over at This was a wonderfully refreshing look at the realistic side of love and commitment. Janel Moloney gives a wonderful performance that is eerily similar to the role she plays on The West Wing, despite the fact that this was made before she got the job on West Wing. Her performance on WW is what prompted me to get this, and it was well worth it. Christopher Meloni and Timothy Busfield (also from TWW) are wonderful as the love interest and his best friend, both of whom have their share of trouble with women. SO, see this movie, but be warned that it is rated R (as far as I could tell) because it goes a little farther with some aspects of relationships than other movies might. It's an independant film so it could get away with more. The DVD contains a full director's commentary which is very entertaining. To recap: this is a great movie! If you like offbeat romances with a great deal of humor then this is your kind of movie.


Great movie! Loved the trivia quiz and the commentary. Definitely the movie I'm taking to the next party.


Hey Bill!

Ok, so I received your movie on Wednesday (very fast delivery and much appreciated because I went home this weekend!) My roommate and I watched it last night and enjoyed it very much. It was different and quirky and I liked it. I laughed out loud a lot. I bought the movie due to my love of Christopher Meloni and he was awesome in it. Completely different that what I am used to seeing him act in "Law and Order: SVU" or "Oz."


Just watched your film and it was wonderful! Just the right mix of comedy and romance.
Thank you so much.


I mock not!

The Souler Opposite was awesome. I laughed, I cried, I totally related. You couldn't have done a better job casting Meloni, Moloney and Bushfield in their respective roles."


Just wanted you to know that I saw The Souler Opposite and loved it. It was very much from-the-heart and the characters were awesome, especially Barry. I'm going to pass the DVD on to my friends after I re-watch it with your commentary.

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